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The Filigree Fern

One (1) Black or White No-see-um, Gnat, Mosquito Netting Curtain Panel

One (1) Black or White No-see-um, Gnat, Mosquito Netting Curtain Panel

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These light-weight no-see-um netting curtain panels are beautiful and functional. The weave of this netting is effective at keeping out insects such as no-see-ums, mosquitos, and gnats.

Created with 100% polyester.

Each panel features a 3" rod pocket top and bottom, for use with most standard curtain rods (curtain rods and hardware not included). Sides are unfinished.

Panels are not weighted, and their effectiveness depends on application and installation.

Each curtain panel measures 54" wide.

Panels are sold individually (quantity of 1), to purchase multiple panels quantity can be increased at check-out.

To ensure these panels will suit your needs

1. Measure the LENGTH from your curtain rod down to the floor, or your desired location. Add a few extra inches so your curtains touch the floor or sill and keep insects out. Extra length will puddle which looks lovely and provide an extra barrier against insects.

2. Measure the WIDTH of your space. Multiply the total width by 1.5-2. This will give you the total width needed for your curtains. Divide this number by 54. This will give you the total number of separate panels needed (If a fraction, round up).

3. Choose your quantity at checkout if there aren't enough available, contact us, we can make as many as you need.

This is not screening. Extra width is needed for gathering and best results to keep insects out.


Available in white or black only.


The maximum width for these panels is 54".

Please contact us for custom lengths.

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